Free document review for those who applies for Covid-19 financial assistance

Asakusa Legal Support provides free documents check service for those who apply for Covid-19 financial assistance by Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government offers financial assistance for small business owners who have closed or cut down their businesses due to the request by the government.

Small business owners such as restaurant or shop owners are qualified to apply for 500,000 JPY of financial assistance.

Owners who operate businesses in multiple locations (restaurants) can be delivered 1,000,000 JPY.

Asakusa Legal Support provides prior document check service for free before you will submit the application form and the attached documents.

We believe that it is very important process to ensure your access to the financial assistance.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government also recommends that the application forms could be checked by experts such as Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialists or Certified Tax Accountants.

Experts will receive subsidies from the local government after we provides support for small business owners, therefore we never receive payment from small business owners.

In this emergency circumstances we can accept any type of communication such as Phone, Email, Zoom, Skype Facebook etc.

Hiroaki KOJIMA
Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist

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