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Asakusa Legal Support provides corporate and individual support for visa applications international operations, inheritance and wills. Click the icon below for further detail.



Divorce Decree


For those seeking Long-Term Resident due to a divorce [Part 1]

I want to apply for a Long-Term Resident because my spouse and I are considering a divorce… Many of these questions are sent to us, Asakusa Legal Support. It is true that the status of Long-Term Resident makes one's residence very "stable" as there are no limitations on the activities one can carry out while residing in Japan. However, obtaining the Long-Term Resident is not so simple. Please discuss your options with your spouse again before filing for divorce. A list of applications for Long-Term residents made public by the Immigration Bureau. The list demonstrates the cases in which the ...


Notice: New Year’s Holiday Closing 年末年始休暇のお知らせ

Asakusa Legal Support will be closed from December 29, 2021 to January 3, 2022 during New Year Holidays. We will open our office from 9:30 AM, January 4, 2022. Thank you very much for choosing our service. We would like to wish you a Happy New Year. Asakusa Legal Support 2021年12月29日より2022年1月3日まで、年末年始のお休みをいただきます。新年は1月4日午前9時30分より営業いたします。 本年中の、ご愛顧に感謝申し上げます。皆様にとりまして、新しい年がすばらしい一年となりますようご祈念申し上げます。 行政書士事務所 浅草国際法務

Business Info Visa

Online Visa Consultation

Asakusa Legal Support offers you Free Online Consultation Service. Let’s talk about your visas, work and life in Japan with our Specialists. Please check the details below. Price: Free Topic: Open your company, Marriage, Divorce, Permanent Residence, Inviting your family from overseas, Naturalization, Life in Japan etc. Language: English, Japanese or Portuguese Duration: 30 minutes Please contact us using Facebook Messenger by clicking the "Chat" button below. Chat


The globe is getting smaller and smaller. People, goods, and information can easily cross national borders. Asakusa Legal Support provides professional service in a wide range of fields such as Working Visa, Naturalization, International Business Support, and Inheritance/will.

The experts in Asakusa Legal Support forcus on thinking through the contents of the request from various angles and giving careful explanation. We will try our best to provide good support to our client to solve their problem and support business growth.

Please contact us if you'd like further information.

Work Flow

Asakusa Legal Support mainly proceeds the work according to the following flow. Please contact us if you have any other special requests. We can respond your requests flexibly.


First, please contact us from the contact form on this site. We will get back to you within 48 hours. Normally we will start our work from a meeting with our clients to understand your requests. We can also visit your office.

We can accept any type of communication such as Phone, Email, Zoom, Skype Facebook etc.


In the first meeting, we will talk in detail about our client needs.


The first meeting is completely free.



Based on the content we heard during the first meeting, we will propose a support content and costs. We will respond flexibly according to the client needs regarding cost or delivery period, etc.


Asakusa Legal Support may request fee for deposit when we start the work. If the content of your request exceeds the business scope of an Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist, we will work in cooperation with other affiliated lawyers, tax accountants, judicial scriveners, etc. to meet effectively our client needs.


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